Opinion: Boot-ban in schools

POSTED: 01/30/12 1:47 PM

Kids are creative. Ask any teacher in St. Maarten and they’ll tell you how clever students are when it comes to smuggling contraband onto the school premises. The main concerns in our schools have to do with dangerous stuff like machetes, firearms, knives, scissors – anything fit to stab or hurt someone a particular student happens to dislike.
In the American state of Pennsylvania the Pottsdam Middle school has taken action against students that show up with boots of the Ugg-brand or similar footwear.
The reason?
Students used these boots to smuggle cell phones into the class room. And cell phones are prohibited in this school.
The school’s management quickly found out what was going on because students were massively publishing messages on social network sites during school hours. The school conducted a boot-search (no joke) and discovered that the students hid their phones in their Uggies. The next step was a ban on wearing the boots.
Parents reacted outraged, saying that it is ridiculous for a school to limit the individual freedom of students. On top the measure is discriminatory, one parent told news broadcaster ABC, because only girls wear the boots.
The school management does not budge, but parents have already proposed that the school confiscated phones before classes start instead of taking discriminatory and unnecessary measures.

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