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POSTED: 12/2/13 2:40 PM

Not everybody has the same sense of humor, something one Mike de Wilde, the director of a company in Arnhem in car-electronics that bears his name found out the hard way this week. A candidate for an internship at the company was rejected. That happens, but an employee of De Wilde’s company sent an internal email to his boss about the rejection. Happens all the time. Unfortunately, the employee mailed his message to the rejected candidate too. And when this 23-year old posted that mail on Facebook all hell broke loose.

Why? Because the mail read: “Had another look is nothing. First of all a dark colored one (nigger). And in his CV little to no experience with computers.”

Well, we mean, wow. After such a slip on such a huge banana peel, what did the company’s director have to say? Did he fire his racist employee? Did he groveled through the dust and offered his apologies to the candidate?

Not exactly. Mike de Wilde communicated through a spokeswoman – apparently not enough guts to do the dirty work himself. And this is what the spokeswoman had to say: “Nothing discriminating was meant with this. It was an internal joke.”

We have to give it to the guy. First an employee flings a mortal insult at a young man who dared to apply for an internship and then the director – instead of firing his racist worker – lets a woman tell his lies to the media.

We have learned that people become the words they use. In other words, the remark the employee at De Wilde Car Electronics made came from the bottom of his heart. He meant every word he wrote. He is most likely a supporter of Black Peter (not that we have anything against Black Peter, but that’s another story).

Now the director has made the racist words from his employee his own by backing him up with a lame statement that we wish will follow him for years to come – in his business, at birthday parties and in shopping malls. De Wilde Car Electronics – for all your racist accessories.

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  1. Fanny says:

    Pretty ignorant director, this guy. Even dumber comment from him Mind you, he did NOT say (nigger) but used the therm (negro) which is just as ignorant.