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POSTED: 09/8/11 11:56 AM

It’s not always a disadvantage to be fat. Well, actually this remains to be seen, but a New Yorker who weighs in at 188 kilos and who is a suspect in a series of armed robberies, earned himself a new trial because of it.
The case seemed simple: witnesses described the driver that was involved in the robberies as large and very fat.
The New York police put its suspect in a line-up, and tah-dah! Witnesses recognized the Man immediately.
Unfortunately, the police took a little shortcut here, because detectives put only one large and very fat man in the line-up. The others were not even of a more or less normal posture; they were on the skinny side.
The Appeals Court in New York ruled that the suspect should have been surrounded by people of a similar stature.
A lower court had sentenced the fat New Yorker to 15 years imprisonment for the robberies. It now remains to be seen how the new trial will turn out; obviously the witnesses who “recognized” the suspect in the manipulated line-up won’t be able to testify again. On the other hand, America is the country of unlimited possibilities, so the fat man could still be in for a nasty surprise.

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