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POSTED: 12/11/13 7:01 PM

The action by students of the Statia School of Medicine on Monday triggered an interesting reaction from Epic project manager Rueben Thompson on Facebook that we share here in a slightly edited version with our readers:

“Oh Sweet Sint Maarten Land! Sint Maarten truly is the land of opportunity for everyone else but those who call it home! Imagine that! Forty students and administrators of the University Of St. Eustatius School of Medicine Converge in-front of the Government Administration building and all of a sudden Ministers clear their schedules to meet with the University’s representatives!! You know what would happen if forty Sint Maarteners stood there demanding a meeting? Nada!!! But representatives of these often dubious off-shore diploma factories get things done, bet you they’ll get their charter too and no one will ask questions about why they had to leave Statia or why the Netherlands gave the Medicine School in Saba their credentials and opted not to do the same in Statia. Forty of us should go try converge in-front of a government building or any other building for that matter in the U.S. without a permit I’m positively sure we’d manage to secure a meeting with the police and some handcuffs really quickly! (google off-shore U.S. medical schools, if you haven’t done so already, you’ll be surprised what you find, money laundering, fraud, sub-par education)
“Representatives of the new owner flew into the country on Sunday evening and visited the Government Building to meet with Lourens-Philip earlier in the day. They did not have an appointment and were told they had to request one via official channels, one of the representatives said.
Seriously?? These people thought they could just walk in for a meeting with the Minister??? Is that how it works in the U.S??? Do you just walk in and demand a meeting with your U.S government?? No! But you figure we are a banana republic so anything goes!! This beautiful island of ours I tell you … …”

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