Opinion: Battle of proposals

POSTED: 01/3/13 4:14 PM

The 2014 elections have started early and UP-leader Theo Heyliger has plenty of time on his hands to lead the dance. (See his New Year’s message on our front page and a related story on our opinion page).

We perceive that the UP’s intention is to go for a negative campaign crammed with unlimited mudslinging. Politicians are used to such tactics and as long as it’s just words nobody is likely to end up with permanent injuries.

There is still time to opt for a different approach though – one that shows the electorate what partiers actually stand for. In such an approach there is no place for badmouthing others, because all energy goes into presenting concrete proposals for the next four years and beyond to voters.

A battle of proposals – for instance about fighting poverty and job creation initiatives – is more meaningful than a war of words that is forgotten as soon as the ballot closes: today’s political adversaries are tomorrow’s biggest friends if it turns out that such friendship results in a return to power.

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