Opinion: Basic approach

POSTED: 07/21/14 1:54 PM

The Board of the National Alliance hereby acknowledges the decision of the Honorable Minister Maurice Lake to continue with the basic approach of former Minister William Marlin to grant contracts directly to small contractors instead of having them work under larger contractors as was the way in the past.

By granting the contracts directly to these local contractors, they can better build their business and provide not only for their families but for the families of their employees as well. The Board hopes that these contracts can be established for 2 to 5 year periods that would guarantee continued success of these entrepreneurs as was the intention of former Minister William Marlin. Former Minister Marlin also requested from the entrepreneurs that only local young men and women from the district be employed.

Before leaving office the former minister had given instruction to Vromi to make up the advice to grant 2-year contracts to local entrepreneurs for trench cleaning and district improvement because after all the trenches will always need cleaning and bush will always need trimming. The contracts granted to the entrepreneurs would have included district cleaning along the internal roadways of the various districts.

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