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POSTED: 09/8/11 11:56 AM

Okay, so we have a cell capacity shortage. We get that.
Somebody robbed sixteen grand from Bada Bing. We’re not sure who did this, though there are three suspects: the Romanian bookkeeper, the American born local, and the Dominican born fugitive.
When the need for cells exceeded the available capacity in March, the justice system had to let one of the three go. The bookkeeper did not qualify for freedom; obviously, she would fall into the hands of immigration to be deported to Bucharest or some other exotic destination in that country. The second option was the local, but hey, this guy is born in the United States. He might just get on the next plane out and never come back. No cigar. So the choice fell on the suspect from Dominica who, as the story goes, had been the actual armed robber.
Immigration deported him to Dominica and bada bingo: now we have a legal problem. The two suspects who remained behind bars all these months cannot have their trial until the man from Dominica has been heard. Remarkably, the guy was in custody, but he was let go before he could be interrogated. He did not even get a summons.
Now both the public prosecutor and the attorney of the Romanian bookkeeper want to question him. Problem 1: there is no extradition treaty with Dominica.
But listen to this: according to the attorney for Bada Bing the man has already returned to the island. He has been spotted, he has been reported, but for some reason the police are unable to get their hands on him. As the saying goes these days in St. Maarten, Kenny D. is doing a Chucky if you get our drift.
The court decided to postpone the trial until December 14, to give law enforcement the opportunity to pull the elusive robbery-suspect in. The attorney for the American born local has so little confidence in the police’s ability to capture him, that he dropped his right to hear the fugitive; he wanted to proceed with the trial – but the court did not go along.
On December 14, not much will happen either – whether Kenny D. will be brought in or not. That’s because the attorney for the Romanian bookkeeper announced that he will be off-island on the new court date. That’s gonna be another postponement, at least for one of the suspects.
That’s of course frustrating for the victim of this robbery. Some people might argue: who cares? These guys are in the skin business and they deserve to be robbed.
Ah, no, that’s not how it works. One may love Bada Bing or one may hate it, but it is a legal business and it is as entitled to legal protection as a corner store that sells diapers to people who suffer from incontinence. The way we see it, it could take a very long time before justice is done in this case.

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