Opinion: Asking costs nothing

POSTED: 10/8/12 1:55 PM

All we have to do is ask. That is the message we picked up from Navy Commander Vice-Admiral Borsboom yesterday. So if St. Maarten wants a social formation program for youngsters it will have to put in a request. The navy is willing to provide the service and it has experience with the program in Curacao and Aruba. Since this is badly needed – seen the number of youngsters that now chose for a criminal career – some action is expected from both the government and the parliament. Vic-Admiral Borsboom indicated that St. Maarten will have to establish some legislation to facilitate the program. What are we waiting for?
A second point is the installation of a land-based radar system. Curacao has it and it has driven at least some of the drugs trade away from the island. If St. Maarten wants such a system, the first step is to ask for it. Whether it will become an immediate reality remains to be seen, given the Dutch government’s budget cuts that will also affect the armed forces.
Fortunately, asking the question does not cost anything.

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