Opinion: Are women lazy?

POSTED: 10/13/11 12:51 PM

Soccer trainer Thijs Libregts once spoke these memorable words about Ruud Gullit, and they hound him until this day. “Gullit is able to play soccer, he is just a little bit lazy. That the problem with these little blacks.”
History is on Gullit’s side: he became an iconic player and Libregts was fired before the Dutch national team went to the World Cup in Italy. Gullit’s reaction to the statement was laconic at the time: “It’s gonna be difficult to work with a trainer like that.”
Now the Dutch columnist Ebru Umar has turned the tables on the bad white guys. Umar, an ethnic Turk who was born in The Hague wrote this week in a column that Dutch women don’t want to work at all, and that they are lazy, even though they are good at multi-tasking.
Umar reacted in her column to a piece by Malou van Hintum who wrote that Dutch women have to start taking care of themselves. But in a country where economic independence is defined as a gross income of €1,000, the question is how independent one is able to be with that kind of money.
Umar supports the fact van Hintum presented: 99 percent of the people who have to pay child support are men, almost all one parent families cionsist of mothers, and not even half of the Dutch women earns that one thousand euro a month – gross.
But Umar charges that women are lazy. We don’t want to work – even though we are good at multi tasking, she wrote. Honestly, working, getting up, hurrying, in the traffic jam and then spend the day in an office with all kinds of people, taking orders, executing them and then going back home – pfff, no that’s no fun at all.
And why, Uram wonders, would a woman do all this if she is able to get a man to maintain her? That this makes women dependent is something working women get all wrong,. Besides, working women are losers, because only 4 percent of them makes such an income that it pays for the mortgage, the clothing, the kids and the vacation without support from a man’s income.
Next to that working women forget that men are also dependent on their wives for cooking, shopping, ironing, and cleaning – we did not think that men could do this next to their work.
No, not-working women are not dependent at all. Until they are ditched for a younger and newer species and have to make do in a small apartment with €1,000. But that won;t happen, Umar writes sarcastically, even though one in three marriages ends in divorce.
Umar repeats her challenge: nobody dares to say it out loud but women are lazy. They evade responsibilities and dedicate their time to bringing up the kids. But working, no, going too far for many women. Working is not fun, they reason, forgetting that it is nothing but a method to keep a roof over your head and food on the table. Insterad, Umar argues, women first study at the expense of their fathers and then they continue their lives at the expense of their husbands.
Umar balks at present day idiocies like a statement she heard from her highly educated friend who looks after the children at ho,me: “I hope it will be a girl, I mean, with boys you have to wait and see how they turn out. A girl will get married anyway.”
But Umar says that working independent women are the losers in our society. They have to work to pay their own bills, instead of shoving them to their husbands. But Umar says that she loves her work and what’s more: the man who thinks he is able to afford her has not been born yet.
Hmm. We’re not sure what Umar is getting at. Being a woman, we suppose, she’s able to rant about other women, a bit like Jews are able to make the most politically incorrect jokes about Jews. As men however, we wonder about the message Umar is sending. Is she jealous of women who choose a career as homemaker, or does she just despise them?

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