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POSTED: 01/8/13 11:50 AM

Allah has become a brand and not everybody is thrilled about the idea. Teun Castelein, a 32-year old artist from Amsterdam is the subject of anger among Islamic organizations after he submitted the name Allah as a brand at the Benelux Trademark Bureau in The Hague.

It is unclear for which purposes Castelein is going to use the brand name, but he does not exclude the possibility that it will appear on clothing, shoes and other products. Next month he will launch the Allah-brand in his gallery.

It is an insanely beautiful name, Castelein told the Telegraaf. The artist says he is amazed that no one in the world got the idea to register it as a brand. Allah cost just $3309. “I have a global brand now,” Castelein says. Allah from the Koran actually belongs to everybody. But for commercial use nothing was regulated.”

Hmmm, we wonder how amused Muslims will be about the introduction of Allah burquas and Allah sport shoes instead of Adidas. However, Air Allah has the same feel to it as Air Jordan. So who knows? But if we were Teun Castelein, we would double check the fire insurance for our art gallery.

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