Opinion: A solution for bald men

POSTED: 04/19/12 12:28 PM

Maybe this is not such a big issue for Caribbean men. After all, in the tropic bald is beautiful. But there are quite some men elsewhere in the world for who getting bald is a big issue. Just look at those guys who comb the little hair they have left from right to left or from left to right over their skull in a desperate attempt to pretend that they still have hair while the rest of the world chuckles and recognizes them for who they are: men with a problem.

The good news comes from Japan, the Volkskrant reports. Japanese scientists, never afraid of a little lab experiment with defenseless mice, have managed to grow human hair on a bald mouse. They did this by transplanting hair stem cells under the mouse’s skin.

The scientists also managed to manipulate the color of the hair. Also: this hair is for real. They are grown into the skin, so when they are pulled out of fall out, a new hair will grow in its place.

The scientists started their project by using stem cells from other mice. The hair started growing within three weeks. With the same technique they manager to grow moustache hairs and later they expanded the test to human hair.

The Japanese scientists think they’ll be able to test their technique on humans within three years. Within ten years the process should be available for general use. It is at this moment unknown how long such a treatment would last and if it is safe.

One thing is for sure: it won’t be cheap. A first estimate is that the treatment will cost several thousands of dollars. That’s of course peanuts for bald people like Jules James or Louie Laveist – but the main question is: do they want hair?

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