Opinion: A pawn in the political landscape

POSTED: 07/8/13 12:37 PM

Since the start of time there existed a certain perception of the Sneeks. This perception did not miraculously change after the appointment of Mr. Koos Sneek. Once branded in Statia, you are branded for life!

In spite of this, Mr. Koos is just a pawn within the current political landscape on our island. The expressed views on the island such as, “oh because I am white”, and, “the appointment of that white lady” is symptomatic of something much deeper:

As a result of 10-10-10, Statians and Dutch Europeans have been in close proximity of each other. This has been a huge transition for our people. Historically speaking, this proximity which now exists has opened up old wounds.

Looking at our present reality, the coming together of two very different cultures on a tiny space has created much tension. This is evident in the way laws are implemented and perceived by the local community.

My assumption is that a cross section of the Statian population believes that it is no longer in control of the island it holds so dear.  The fear of being gobbled up by the big bad wolf, with loss of self and identity as a result is very buy cheap valium much present. The politicians feel this as well! This feeling can be compared to a burning house. The house is consumed by large flames, and the owner is trying his best to contain the flames, but to no avail.

On the other hand, it appears as if the Dutch civil servant is of the opinion that he/ she knows what is best for Statia. So he/ she implements the laws without much consultation.

When fear and ignorance or indifference (perhaps not intentional) meet, this creates tension and anxiety that then becomes evident in the way the Statian and the Dutchman and Dutchwoman relate to each other.

Mr. Koos’ appointment is in my opinion, the direct manifestation of the ever increasing tension between the two groups.  This thing is bigger than the Sneeks.

We need to ask ourselves, where the increasing anti- Dutch sentiment stems from and what we need to do to fix it. There is one thing I know for certain: Statians are not racist. I do know however, that there exists a natural tendency within the Statian to protect the family come what may.

Xiomara Balentina


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