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POSTED: 09/17/11 3:13 PM

Today we announce the establishment of a new political party that will solve once and for all the problems our government seems unable to handle. We’ve had enough of the shenanigans of the United People’s Party, the Democratic Party, the National Alliance and the independents. We are the real party for the people. Our name is Grand Revolutionary Enlightened Entity of Democracy. That’s a mouthful, so it’s probably easier to use our acronym Greed. Our color is a different green: the color of the good old greenback, or, for the uninitiated, the American dollar.

Our political manifesto is simple and straightforward. All together for ourselves. No whining, everybody rich. Is that clear enough?

We are against giving money to anybody, we only take money and we make sure that everybody who joins our party gets rich. We are against immigrants, we want to kick all the Dutch back to their own country and we want to become the money laundering center of the world. Who cares about the Financial Action Task Force or the International Monetary Fund? We don’t and you shouldn’t either. We have to take back our island and turn it into the lovely plantation it once was, before Claude Wathey turned it into a zoo for American tourists and Indian jewelry pushers. Away with them all, we want our island back.

Sounds attractive? Then we have to disappoint you. There is no party called Greed, nor will there ever be. It is a figment of our imagination, inspired by the Antiparty two Dutch comedians established in 1980 in their TV-program Koot and Bie.

Kees van Kooten played the Antiparty’s honorable chairman F. Jacobse; Wim de Bie was his sidekick as Tedje van Es. They were two wise guys from The Hague bent on upsetting the political establishment. Well, not really, but it could have happened.

The Antiparty took the Mickey out of the extreme rightwing parties that polluted the Dutch political landscape at the time – Centrumpartij and the Nederlandse Volksunie. Geert Wilders was just a teenager at the time so he escaped the Antiparty’s wrath.

But Van Kooten and De Bie underestimated the real sentiment in the Dutch society of the eighties. Their antiparty became so popular that, even though it was not a real political party, and even though the comedians had no political ambitions, they would have won a number of seats in parliament had they chosen to take part in the 1981 elections.

That’s why Koot and Bie killed their own creations. On May 10 1981, just before the national elections, both characters were shot near the parliament building in The Hague during attempted coup d’état.

Van Kooten and de Bie also launched other fake political parties in their weekly TV-program. Among them were the People’s Party Against Creepy Neighbors, the Union Against Sidewalk Terrorism and the General Recycling Party.

All this to say that establishing a new political party in St. Maarten – even if it came with a rather attractive name like Greed – is a bit like circulating air. Smart people stay away from politics, so do not expect them to suddenly change their minds and to come to the country’s rescue. It is not going to happen and even if it did, one ought to keep in mind that (in general) power corrupts. Therefore a new political party, even one with fresh and useful ideas, will within the shortest possible time revert to practices the political establishment has been honing for decades.

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