Opinion: A message of love, peace and unity

POSTED: 02/29/12 1:59 PM

During this period of lent let us focus on the fact that the essence and reality of our being is spirituality.We are spiritual beings, over 7 billion of us on planet earth.  We just don’t acknowledge it.  We are spiritual beings inhabiting a body.  We are spiritual beings having on earth experience, rediscovering the reality of our beings.

Our earthly mission is to discover our spiritual essence within and to express this purity without.  The spiritual aspect of ourselves is what is missing on earth.

Human beings are made of mind, body and spirit (soul). Spirit is primary, for it connects us to the source of everything; the eternal field of consciousness.  The soul creates, the mind recreates.

The more connected we are the more we will enjoy the abundance of the universe, which has been organized to fulfill our wishes and desires. The soul understands what the mind cannot conceive. This knowing without knowing; intuitive knowing, is not knowing with intellect; it’s knowing with the soul.

The divine intention for every human is Amór Universal Spiritual (Universal Spiritual Love). Natural and normal are not the same thing.

Normal means something usually done, while natural is how you are when you’re not trying to be normal. Nothing is more natural than love.

If you act lovingly, you will be acting naturally.  If you’re acting fearfully, angrily, resentfully, scornfully you may be acting normally but you will never be acting naturally.

Thus only in a state of disconnection do we suffer and struggle. We have come to the world in this way, at this time, in this place in the situation to know “Who we are” and to create “ who we wish to be”.

This is the supreme purpose of all life.

For life is an ongoing never ending process of recreation.

We keep recreating ourselves in the image of our next highest idea about ourselves.

Thus the main question lies in “Who am I” and to answer this question you must come to “know thyself”.

The divine unity of mind, body and spirit (soul) is what individualizes the person.

If we all set ourselves right individually, we would be on the right path; humanly, socially, scientifically, politically and health wise.

If we understood our own individual purpose and meaning in relation to the source (God) to mankind, to all living creation and nature, it would automatically lead to: love, social harmony, peace and health.

If we only understand that we are part of the universal truth and plan and if we put more emphasis on these sayings as “you are the architect of your being” and “what you sow is what you reap, “Thus meaning that everything we do, say or think in our lives every day has a consequence and where we find ourselves today is the result of what we’ve done, said or thought before.

Meaning that we should be more aware of our thoughts, words, and actions, because we will ultimately then reduce how we hurt ourselves and others.

Thus how we lead our lives that is what counts. If we understood that our “actions” require dues to be paid both good and bad, we would finally understand that our lives had a reason beyond what we could see.

We had been conditioned to believe in only what we could see, not what we could sense and feel.

What we’ve done with ourselves while we’re alive is what counts, and it doesn’t matter who we are.  Every instant and every second of each of our days we are creating and dictating the terms of our future by our positive and negative actions. All the answers are within ourselves.

It is up to us to get in touch with ourselves spiritually so that we might achieve some insight as to what our purpose in life is.

If we would only understand the power we all have within ourselves to know everything, if we will only recognize it and believe in it.

Know thyself and that truth will set you free.

Look into yourselves, explore yourselves, you are the universe.

All the great ones were expressing the great truth.

All claiming the fundamental existence of a divine truth.

All claiming the fundamental existence of a divine love, divine wisdom divine will within, an energy force from which everything else sprang.

We are part of it and it is part of us. Know that you are of two selves.

A higher self and a lower self.

The higher self is human spirit clothed with soul in the image of the source (God) that is and that will ever be infinite.

The lower self is the mind and body desires.

The lower self is an illusion and will pass away;


The heart is a spiritual centre.

It contains silence and light.

It contains the divinity of love, wisdom and willpower.”

It  is where the “I AM” resides.

This is the seed of the spiritual qualities of inspiration meaning; to be in spirit (To breath the breath of God), enthusiasm, meaning; in God(Joy)/

Centre in the heart,

Listen to the heart.

The heart knows all. And love is the key. Love yourself, love the world with all its creating. Spread love peace unity. Momentarily there are over seven billion human on planet earth, all represented by a rainbow of faiths in this age of transformation when it is likely that ideas or principals are at the heart of conflicts worldwide. One could say that the year 2012 is a universal clarion call for the peak awareness promotion of tolerance and dialogue as a counter to the sign of times, when it has been confirmed in a recent report by the UN international Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that Iran has sharply stepped up its controversial uranium enrichment drive that will further  inflame Israeli fears that the Islamic republic is pushing ahead with atomic bomb plans.

It is the sharing of spiritual knowledge with individuals and groups of like-minded people, which will let our union as humanity occur under a rainbow  of faith banner of universal wisdom that allows the followers of religions, civilizations, cultures and philosophical streams on our planet to be seen as coming from a divine source. Amor universal spiritual.

With this message of love, peace, unity, let us during this lent, a season for spirituality commemorate a truly beautiful spirit, Unita Verita Andrews-Priest, teacher spiritual guide (yoga). April 2, 1943 – March 17, 2008. Aruba. Namaste.

Theophilus Fernando Priest,

President Historical Marigot Hill Road Heritage Foundation.

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