Opinion: A day without trousers

POSTED: 02/11/14 9:57 AM

There are ways to express your opinion about anything. The Ukranian female protesters united in Femen (“death to patriarchy”) do it by baring their pretty chests, a method that is sure to get riot police excited and to jump into action.

In Colombia however, people tend to do things differently. They adopted the concept of the metro ride without trousers – popular in dozens of cities, Amsterdam among them – and turned it into a day without trousers. This occasion gives the world a candid insight in the choice of underwear Colombians favor and it offered plenty of unique if not provocative photo opportunities.

What was it all about? In Medellin – once known as the world capital of the cocaine trade – hundreds of Colombians took to the streets. They all left their trousers at home and walked about in their undies. The action was designed to protest the limits to freedom of expression. Participants were drawn to the event through social media. It does not matter how we dress; what matters is who we are, one of the initiators told local media.

St. Maarten’s climate would not stand in the way of a similar action, for instance to protest against rising food and fuel prices. We already have freedom of expression, so when the occasion arises, social media ought to do their thing.

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