Opinion: A big loss

POSTED: 08/7/14 11:15 PM

Dear editor,

The newspaper is a source not only that presents your opinion but also facts that will foster general knowledge to the people of St. Martin. People are confused and do not understand how politicians can leave from one political party and go to another that they previously despised. And they should feel and be confused.

It is because our politicians are ignorant to political ideology and that they have no loyalty to their beliefs and values. I need all political parties to explain me their ideology so I can see if their platform (manifesto) is in harmony with what they believe in. The major problem is immigration along with preservation and heritage and culture of the native St. Martin people. Because I realize that no party knows about political ideology it is natural they will not be loyal to any political party. So any member of any party that gets into power that is willing to enact legislation to protect St. Martin people of heritage and enact legislation to stop illegal immigration I will support if they get in government.

The politicians are catering to immigrants forecasting votes for when illegal immigrants get naturalized, which is to the detriment of the native St. Martin people. By that fact, it is over for all native people of St. Martin heritage. In fact it should be exactly the reverse manner. It should be that all parties are doing the utmost to please the native people of St. Martin heritage first, then the rest afterwards.

That is why they are scared to tackle the immigration policies. My immigration policy will be from now on that anyone caught living here illegally is completely disqualified to attain a Dutch passport and will be deported immediately. This alone will deter people from coming here illegally because you just disqualify from ever getting a Dutch passport.

Yes we also need massive deportation. But the first principle will be the real deterrence. To preserve our people of St. Martin heritage and help those to become owners of businesses they should grant tax-free status up to 5 years for each new business they open and 10 years if a third of their staff is Dutch citizens.

You build a country from your bloodline and heritage up and not by pleasing outsiders first. The time is soon coming where the native families like Arrindell, Richardson’s, Illidge, Roumou, Gumbs, Webster, Lake, Laveist, Wathey, Peters, Fleming, Flanders, Hodge, Beauperthuy, James, Wescot, Williams, Peterson, Halley, Brown, Rohan, Brooks ,Glasgow, Blijden,  will be kicked out of government. These are some of the same people who are in power that can protect their bloodline, but foolishly ignore the facts to get a vote.

When the now illegal immigrants get naturalized and become the majority they will kick these same families out. A country can never be strong from outside motives; it can only be strong from culture and heritage of people, after all that will be the real St. Martin. Voting for any politician or party without knowing what they plan for native St. Martin people and their plan for immigration is deceiving yourself. Let your conscience be your guide.

I reaffirm that not knowing where politicians stand on the native people of St. Martin heritage and illegal immigrants is a big loss for the voters of St. Martin.

The Patriot, Miguel Arrindell

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