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POSTED: 06/8/12 12:49 PM

Dear Editor,

For the first time in the history of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy, the voters from those two new overseas communities will be called upon to designate their own representatives in Parliament. They will have the opportunity on June 9 and 16, 2012 to choose their MP by direct suffrage.
In this period of great changes for these two islands, it is essential to provide new solutions remaining true to what makes the French identity: the common commitment of these two overseas communities to the French Republican values of liberty, equality, fraternity of secularism and solidarity.
After choosing for change by electing the team RRR of Alain Richardson in March, then François Hollande to the Presidency of the Republic in May, you must continue this momentum and in a special way give your district a Member of Parliament of both the territorial majority (RRR) and the majority of the President of the Republic. Today, the COM of St Martin and St Barth Senators sit in the opposition. This must not be the case of the representative in the National Assembly. In view of the issues, it is necessary to elect Guillaume Arnell and his alternate Inès Choisy-Bouchaut. Only Guillaume Arnell may represent and cause to be heard the voice of the populations of our overseas French territories of America in the French Parliament, only he will defend our specificities related to insularity, geographical positioning and various economic, social and cultural influences present in the region simply because these realities are rooted in him. The realities of these two territories are the foundation of both Guillaume Arnell and Ines Choisy-Bouchaut – his alternate.
Because the courageous choice of mobility must be encouraged and controlled within the perimeters of the French Republican territory, so that the audacity and the wealth of experience outside the hexagonal France contribute more to national wealth, I invite you all to contribute to the establishment of a new majority, responsible and realistic at the National Assembly level through which our constraints and realities will be best seen and appraised.
If I now call on Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy voters to support the candidacy of Guillaume Arnell it is because I know him to be prepared and equipped to defend with conviction the French reality within the Americas that we are, our interests and our vision of an open and tolerant France, which is moving forward!
I know Guillaume Arnell for a long time and I can say without hesitation that this man has always endeavored to favor dialogue over confrontation, consensus over division, concord over discord. It is a man who seeks to gather and who always seeks to move beyond the traditional political divisions just to be respected and listened to. A good look indicates that only Guillaume Arnell is not representing a national political party. He has chosen to demonstrate his autonomy, and a real intellectual honesty in this election. Isn’t it therefore the best logic in this context of ours? The PS and the UMP are large political machines with instructions to vote and these guidelines are often ignorant of the realities and local constraints.
Thus, the priorities for the next term are the global subsidy for compensation – which needs to be reevaluated -, education, economic development, employment, the improvement of health services, as well as culture and the image of the France in this area of the world where everything is under construction. They are also the five major axes of the program of Guillaume Arnell.
I ask you, in the interest of our community, to vote as of June 09 Guillaume Arnell – the only consensual candidate.

Alain Richardson
President of the COM

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