Open letter to Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams

POSTED: 06/17/11 2:23 PM

Dear Editor,


I am writing this letter to ask you to intervene in a matter that I regard as sigficant and precarious. This matter is in regards to plans to convert the building known as the Box in Cay Hill into a prison/juvenile detention facility. The owner of this building committed a grave infraction by constructing a third floor that is in violation of the law. Reportedly, the court instructed that the building should be demolished. However, the owner will be rewarded financially. This seems uncanny and paradoxical.

If I constructed an illegal building and asked government to rent it from me would the government honor my request? This is tantamount to someone knowingly purchasing stolen merchandise from someone. Are there two sets of laws for two classes of people? One for the rich the other for the poor?  Although some of my friends told me it does not make sense to write this letter to you because the Minister of Justice seems adamant to continue plans to convert the box into a prison, I think that it is prudent for me to try to persuade you to employ your skills to address this unfavorable and unsavory occurrence. This is not what many of us envisioned in Cay Hill when we voted for country status a little bit more than decade ago.

I have selected this medium to address you to ensure that our message in the petition is lucid. When you peruse the letter that was submitted at General Affairs on Tuesday June 14 that is addressed to you, I hope you will act swiftly to halt this infringement of the rights of those who affixed their signatures to the petition.

I called this situation an infringement because we were not consulted on this project. I have learned the hard way what takes place when decisions are executed without involving others who were impacted. In recent months the government spoke to residents in several districts prior to the commencement of several projects. Why we were not accorded this treatment? I do not have any problems personally with the Minister of Justice. I also still admire his intellectual and legal prowess. However, I am not in accordance with the prospect of a prison in Cay Hill.

As I have stated before, some of my cronies have misgivings that you will tackle this issue. I prefer to give you the benefit of the doubt to address this matter. I hope you will appease some of the angry, perplexed, disappointed and aghast sentiments of those who signed that petition against an illegal building and possible prison.

Kenneth Cook


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