Open letter to Minister Connor

POSTED: 01/20/15 8:31 PM

In a recent newspaper article dated January 13, 2015 you stated that you would be “looking at the sales structure” and “looking into the draft legislation” as submitted by Leroy de Weever. You need to be aware that this legislation was formulated by local and international developers and the Sint Maarten Timeshare Association, an industry association. While the timeshare owners, or users, tried to be included we were purposely excluded from making any comments on the legislation. The timeshare consumer protection legislation as submitted will do very little to cure the timeshare issues on the island. It will establish a quasi-governmental agency, the St. Maarten Timeshare Authority at an annual budget of $500,000 to be paid by a timeshare owner tax, without contribution from the developers.

The following is an abbreviated listing of the issues excluded from the proposed legislation. We have detailed proposals available. If you would like a copy please advise us.

  1. There is no coverage of health and safety.
  2. There is no mention of contract termination.
  3. There is no provision for financial reporting.
  4. There is no control or approval process for special assessments. The developers will still have the legal right to steal from the timeshare owners.
  5. There is no provision for government sanctions or penalties for non-compliance with the law.
  6. There are no controls on the use or reporting on the use, of maintenance fees.
  7. It does not provide for an adequate cooling off period, of two weeks after signing a purchasing agreement for a timeshare resort, as there is for real estate on the island.
  8. It does not allow or provide for any means by which a resorts timeshare owners to communicate with each other, with security controls.
  9. It does not require the developer to allow a timeshare owners board with real authority and regulations established in law.
  10. There is no provision for the protection of timeshare owners’ contracts when a new resort owner takes over the resort. Think Caravanserai, it need not have happened.
  11. There is no provision requiring the resorts to provide adequate insurance in the event of a disaster. This is something a timeshare owners’ board would oversee.

As you can see the De Weever law is seriously flawed as it relates to protecting the timeshare owners and is the result of excluding them from the formulation process. I am one of the 20 year timeshare owners who has left the island. I have no agenda other than to do what is best for the remaining timeshare owners and the SXM people.

Gerard (Jerry) Wordhouse Jr. 


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