Only 300 households not yet contacted for survey

POSTED: 04/10/15 12:07 PM

St. Maarten—Only 300 of the 1015 households carded for participation in the household budget survey of the statistics department have not yet been contacted and the survey is said by project leader and senior statistician Maurette Antsersijn to be progressing smoothly. Contact with these households is expected in the near future.

The survey kicked off last week following the analysis of the pilot survey held earlier this year and according to Antsersijn, the households with whom contact has been established are cooperating fully with the survey which has been organized to accommodate their schedule.

Like the pilot survey, prior to a household being visited as part of this survey, the respondents are contacted and the time for the interviews are arranged at times that are convenient to them. Antersijn explained that all the households are pre-selected, but that the householder is not selected by name. “The way it works is select the address and we establish contact with whoever is there at the time. So it’s not a case of we select a respondent by name and then has to match the name to an address or turn up and the person has moved. Instead we select the address and the respondent becomes whoever occupies that address at the time,” the senior statistician said.

The household survey is anticipated to continue till December because of the large amount of respondents involved and the number of questions. Previously the department explained that some of the questions are on the personal side– like how many persons occupy the address, what is the joint income, how much is spent on groceries monthly, what type of groceries are bought—but that honest answers to all questions are pertinent for the survey to have the desired result.  Antersijn extends thanks to the persons who are participating in the survey and to the community at large for their continued support.

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