One year imprisonment for deported burglar

POSTED: 06/23/11 1:23 PM

St. Maarten – The Court in First Instance sentenced Yeudy Antonio Correa Jimenez, 32, to a 1-year prison sentence for a series of burglaries he committed between November 30 and December 3 of last year together with 18-year old Victor Viyanuevo-Joje. Both burglars have in the meantime been deported to the Dominican Republic.

The two men, who had been residing on the island illegally for several months before they went on their crime spree, were caught red handed on December 3 when they were tracked down with the help of a police dog. Police officers found stolen goods in their car, together with burglar’s tools like a crow bar and two flat screw drivers.

After their arrest, the forensics department of the police managed to solve several burglaries based on trace evidence from the crowbar and finger prints. On one occasion – December 2 – the two men committed four burglaries. They also have two attempted burglaries to their name.

The burglaries took place in homes at Marconi Street, Hilda B. Richardson Street, Illidge Road and Arcadia drive. The attempted burglaries took place at homes on the Peter John Street and the Fahrenheit Road in Cole Bay. The burglars stole, among other things, a flat screen TV, a camera, jewelry, $450, €150, a cable box, a laptop and an Ipod.

Both burglars spent 84 days in preventive custody in a police cell before they were handed over to immigration for deportation. The lengthy stay in the police cell entitles the defendants to a sentence reduction equal to their 1-year sentence.

Attorney Mr. G. Hatzmann pointed out that his client Correa Jimenez is a first offender and asked the court to suspend at least a part of the sentence. Prosecutor Mr. B. den Hartigh objected to this, saying that suspended sentences are designed to prevent defendants from committing similar crimes in the future. Because Carrea Jimenez is no longer on the island, and apparently has no intention to return, such a suspended sentence would miss the point, the prosecutor said.

Judge Mr. M. Keppels agreed with the prosecutor.

“They were in this together, and they will get the same punishment,” she said.

Viyanuevo-Joje was already sentenced to a 1-year prison term in March.


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