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Start talking and do not ever just take it, singer Dionne Warwick said in her address at the Peridot foundation about domestic violence.


Photographer and fragrance developer Jean Jarreau was upset about plans to establish a wind farm on Tintamarre, because he named a perfume after this uninhabited island.

Internet terrorist Judith Roumou was begging visitors of her fledgling websites for financial contributions because she is doing her work starving, without water and money.


The family of the school girl that died in a traffic accident on Sucker Garden Road considered the behavior of the truck driver that caused the fatal accident as gross negligence.

rty orgj? ai0-h?lation to burden or consultation, not about mutual consultation between representatives,” mr. Le Poole notes.


Acting without burden or consultation is limited to voting, mr. Le Poole furthermore points out. “One could therefore defend the idea that taking a position while this position is not propagated by casting a vote, does not fall under article 63 sub 3 of the State Regulation.”

We appreciate this elucidation. But thinking back to November 17 of last year when the temperature in the parliament peaked during the Pelican-debate, we are unable to get away from the impression that UP faction leader Romain Laville was pushed with his back against the wall by his party leadership in a way that does fall under said article.

That is now water under the bridge, and politicians will keep talking to (or about) each other as they see fit.

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