One picture and potholes are repaired at breakneck speed

POSTED: 10/8/12 2:40 PM

St. Maarten – The government employees more than 1,500 civil servants and all these people drive to work every day (we assume). Yet, none of them apparently spotted the atrocious potholes in the Sucker Garden Road just past the Defiance Road. the potholes became such a nuisance, that a neighborhood resident planted a white plastic garden chair in it earlier this week to alert motorists.
On Thursday, this newspaper published a picture of the potholes. And lo and behold: yesterday the maintenance department of public works sprang into action, found some concrete and fixed the holes.
Are we proud of ourselves? Not really. We find it rather sad that it takes a picture in a newspaper to inspire a government department to do what it is supposed to do: maintain our roads and make sure that dangerous situations are dealt with at the earliest opportunity.
With 1,500 civil servants one could say that the government has enough ears and eyes on the ground to report these situations to colleagues that are able to do something about it. Based on results, that is too much to ask, but maybe the potholes in the Sucker Garden Road will serve as a useful lesson for the future. You never know.
In the meantime, if you spot one of those potholes and consider them dangerous, call Public Works (520 11 88). If that does not help, take a picture and send it to this newspaper.

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One picture and potholes are repaired at breakneck speed by

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