On suspicion of commissioning Wiels-assassination: Ex-minister Jamaloodin arrested

POSTED: 07/27/14 10:57 PM

WILLEMSTAD, Curacao – Detectives arrested George Jamaloodin, the former Minister of Finance in the Schotte administration, early yesterday morning on suspicion of involvement in the assassination of Helmin Wiels on May 5 of last year, Anneke Polak reports on Caribisch Netwerk. The 46-year old Jamaloodin is a suspect in the Maximum-investigation that focuses on the principals behind the assassination.

The arrest took place near an apartment complex in the vicinity pof Ser’I Lora on the Ser’i Lora Road where Jamaloodin was staying temporarily. Guillano Schoop, the spokesman for the Public Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that officers conducted a house search at this address. There were also house searches supervised by two Judges of Instruction at other locations in Steenrijk and Steenen Koraal, in a hotel in the city and a business in Salina. Officers confiscated several items that could be relevant for the investigation.

Jamaloodin will be held for two days. If the prosecutor’s office considers prolonged detention necessary, Jamaloodin will appear before the Judge of Instruction today.

The former minister is in restrictive custody. This means that he is not allowed to have contacts with the outside world, with the exception of his attorney and the Rehabilitation Bureau.

Last week the prosecutor’s office indicated that several suspects had been heard in the Maximus-investigation, after former minister Carlos Monk revealed that he was officially a suspect in the Wiels-murder investigation. At the time, the prosecutor’s office was not able to indicate who the other suspects were.

The Magnus-trial against the four murder suspects is scheduled to begin on August 4. It will last for one week. Elvis Kuwas, nicknamed Monster, D’Angelo Danascus, Nini Fonseca and Carlos Pieter will be on trial that week. They are all suspected of involvement in the actual assassination. Kuwas allegedly fired the shots that ended Wiels’s life. Divers found the murder weapon a couple of weeks ago in the Waaigat.

NRC Handelsblad reported “based on sources from the NOS” that Jamaloodin is the one who ordered the assassination, but the link to the NOS-source does not substantiate this statement. The NOS-report states literally: “In curacao former Minister of Finance Jamaloodin has been arrested for the murder of politician Helmin Wiels. Sources report this to the NOS. The prosecutor’s office does not want to say what exactly the accusations against Jamaloodin are. He has been arrested in the investigation into the principals of the murder.”

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On suspicion of commissioning Wiels-assassination: Ex-minister Jamaloodin arrested by

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