Ombudsman visits St. Peters after complaints 

POSTED: 03/6/15 12:44 PM

St. Maarten —Representatives of the Ombudsman Office visited the St. Peters district to have a firsthand look at the area following a number of reports by community activist Rene “Koto” Wilson. Complaint officer Lysandra William-Crestian and Attorney Marlon Hart from the Ombudsman office were given a tour of the St. Peters district and saw the deplorable living conditions that some residents are subjected to.

They were taken to some areas where raw sewerage were in the roads and witnessed the overflowing of the main sewerage line which is on the St. Peters road. After the tour of the St. Peters district it became clear that the government and particularly the Ministry of Public Works (VROMI) were indeed responsible for the sub-standard work that was done in the district.

Rene “Koto” Wilson in his comment said that it was obvious that the contractor who was assigned to do the job did not properly supervise the work which resulted in substandard work being carried out in the district. It was also obvious that the main water way in the St. Peters district has not been cleaned for some time, since it is overgrown with vegetation which prevents the water from moving quickly in the drain.

During the visit several residents in the St. Peters district stopped and also lodged their complaints to the representatives of the Ombudsman office but they were told to make their report to the relevant authorities and after they have exhausted these efforts, they should then file a report with the Ombudsman. The representatives of the Ombudsman promises to send a copy of the report of their visit to the St. Peters area next week, Wilson said.

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