Ombudsman awaits reaction minister on Cadastre report

POSTED: 07/18/12 1:00 PM

St. Maarten – Ombudsman dr. Nilda Arduin is awaiting a reaction from Vromi minister William Marlin on the report about the Cadastre before commenting on criticism from Cadastre director Clemens Roos, her Secretary General Patricia Philips told this newspaper yesterday. Roos severely criticized the report after it was published on June 28.
Roos was unable to hide his irritation about the report, saying that it was one-sided and that the Ombudsman had mixed up business with private interests. “I have had enough of this woman,” Roos even told this newspaper at the time.
After the Cadastre director vented his anger and his criticism he received no reaction from the Ombudsman office at all.
Roos objected among many other things to the fact that the Ombudsman had interviewed notaries without giving him an opportunity to react. He also maintains that Vromi-minister Marlin has no authority over the Cadastre. “The Cadastre is a private foundation that has been placed at arm’s length of politics. Management responds to the supervisory board. The minister cannot give me instructions. Of course I would talk to him, but for instructions I would refer him to the supervisory board,” Roos said at the time.
The Ombudsman asks in the report that Minister Marlin orders the supervisory board to give account about seven issues within four weeks, and to inform her office within four weeks whether he will follow the recommendations.
Among the recommendations to the minister is a request for an investigation into the new tariffs the Cadastre has established and against which some notaries have objected. Director Roos says that setting the tariffs falls within his office’s authority and that of the supervisory board.
The four-week term for the minister to react expires next week Thursday.

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