Octogenarian (80 year old person) remains 60 more days in prison

POSTED: 04/6/16 6:09 PM


St. Maarten News – Three suspects in a firearms and drugs trafficking and money laundering investigation dubbed Efeze will remain in custody for another 60 days, the judge of instruction ruled on Monday.

One of the suspects, V.R., is 81 years of age, but the court considered the charges too serious to let him go. The other suspects are his wife I.F. (56) and his son R.R. (23)

A fourth suspect, Renald Reo Reymond has been questioned. The 27-year old, also a son of V.R., is currently serving a 16-year prison sentence for seven manslaughter attempts. He was sentenced in August of last year; after the verdict, he threatened Judge Maria Paulides because the verdict said nothing about the murder of his girlfriend. The Judge has since been moved from St. Maarten to other islands within the jurisdiction of the Common Court of Justice.

Reymond went on his attempted murder spree after the killing of his pregnant girlfriend Deyanida Faynette on March 18, 2014 in Dutch Quarter.

On March 16, the public prosecutor, officers of the Detective Collaboration Team (RST) and the judge of instruction carried out house searches in Dutch Quarter and on the French side. The searches were done with support from the police force and the gendarmerie.

With the assistance of prison guards, investigators also searched the cell of Reymond in the Pointe Blanche prison. Several firearms and ammunition were seized during the searches.

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Octogenarian (80 year old person) remains 60 more days in prison by

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