Objection from Mary’s Fancy Home Owners Association – Drag strip in Great Salt Pond triggers negative reactions

POSTED: 09/21/12 1:18 PM

GREAT BAY – The Mary’s Fancy Home Owners association opposes the construction of a drag racing strip in the Great Salt Pond, the association stated in a letter to this newspaper.

“First of all, the Mary’s Fancy Home Owners Association (MFHOA) is not against a drag strip, per se. However, the association is against the proposed location in the Great Salt Pond (the so-called “North Dijk”)  as drag strip racing will disturb the peace of surrounding residential neighborhoods such as Madame Estate, Over the Pond, Zagersgut, Philipsburg and even further lying neighborhoods such as Little Bay, Hope Estate, Upper Princess Quarter and Mary’s Fancy Estate.”

The association states in its letter that it has not seen a planning permit on public review even though this is “in accordance with the law.” Projects of this magnitude and which could have such detrimental effect on the nearby communities should be weighed carefully and should meet all criteria of ensuring public wellbeing, the letter states.

“Many communities all over the world continue to battle against proposed drag strip locations to close to residential areas. There are even studies suggesting negative health effects caused by noise pollution. For instance, in this article called “Decibel Hell: The Effects of Living in a Noisy World” the following is concluded:

“The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported in the Noise Effects Handbook that surveys taken in communities significantly affected by noise indicated that interruption of sleep was the underlying cause of many people’s complaints. Research has shown that unwanted sound is most annoying at the times when people expect to rest or sleep, that it can interrupt or delay sleep, and that it can have subtle effects on sleep, such as causing shifts from deeper to lighter sleep stages. “The research is pretty solid that noise can prevent people from getting a good night’s sleep,” Hume says. “I believe that sleep deprivation can have negative health effects when it becomes a chronic problem.”


The building of a drag strip on the island, if at all possible without disturbing residential neighborhoods, should be a collaborative effort between the Dutch and French side as the latter has more space available, the home owners’ association states in its letter that concludes with the following paragraph:

“It is hard to grasp that government would put the quality of living of so many residents at risk for the benefit of a much smaller group drag strip enthusiasts.  We urge the minister in charge to cancel this project as so many lives and communities will be negatively affected, not to mention the destruction of a national monument that is the Great Salt Pond’s eastern section.”



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Objection from Mary’s Fancy Home Owners Association - Drag strip in Great Salt Pond triggers negative reactions by

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