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POSTED: 01/4/13 1:14 PM

St. Maarten – Up to 80 people were participating in the Oasis Games which took place in Dutch Quarter. Young and old came together to make a long-term contribution to their community, as well to other communities on the island.

Under the slogan, ‘Our Community, Our Oasis (a place of Hope), the Power is within us, Dutch Quarter United’, the participants of the Oasis Games will have the challenge of getting others involved in their community effort of this year.

During the games various activities where organized, such as cleaning of the pond near a supermarket and painting murals.

Among people of the community, the police, the manager of the Dutch Quarter community center, teachers, sport coaches, members of the community council, property owners and fireman.

The community came to realize that a lot can be accomplished by themselves with the help of neighbors and others if everybody comes together. The working plans of the Dutch Quarter community that started in the last two months of last year, and will continue this year are; the completion the pond and the playground, clean and beautify some streets, working towards building a soccer field and the developing more places for fun and sports.

A group of 15 people acquired the status of the ‘Dutch Quarter Oasis Games Team Player’ and received certificates last December from the Dutch Quarter Community Council (DQCC), which was a key link to the preparatory phase of the process. They also facilitated the process during the past two weeks. Project Coordinator Ron Oei hopes that other communities will soon follow.

The Oasis Games were organized early last year in Curacao and Bonaire, and are originally from the favelas in Rio de Janeiro.

This project is funded by the European Development Fund through Usona.


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