Now smartphone friendly – Laser 101 radio station revamps its website

POSTED: 10/4/13 1:48 PM

St. Maarten– “We’re keeping up with the times. We’re keeping up with social media,” Jennifer Carty said yesterday of her company Altus’ collaboration with radio station Laser 101’s revamped website. “It’s a big step up compared to what was there before,” she said. Her marketing company designed and constructed the new site. “It was a little outdated,” radio personality G Money added, as he described the previous web experience, and who also helped with his input in the design.

The new site is much more interactive and integrated with social media compared to its predecessor which “was no longer up to date with social media networks” like Twitter and Facebook, Carty explained. “This one is keeping up in real time.” The site will be smartphone friendly, too, she continued, regardless if someone has an iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry device. “It’s completely responsive with smartphones,” she said. It’s the first radio station on the island that keeps up with mobile technology. “We’re glad to have that.”

The site itself has a fresh, vibrant look yet remains familiar to those who recognize the radio station’s iconic black and purple color scheme. Carty explained that people who follow Laser 101 can now go “to one platform where all things come together.” The radio station’s Storm Watch Team is now also fully integrated into the site, with live updates and information. “Before we never had a Storm Watch page,” G Money said.

Additions to the site include sample podcasts, featuring both local and internationally syndicated shows. “People can see their Twitter feeds, learn about their shows,” G Money pointed out about the featured podcasts. And the live stream will soon indicate the name of the song and artist playing.

Carty further explained that Laser 101 has saved all of its interviews conducted over its 20 year existence, including one with the late Johnny Cochran who famously defended O J Simpson. The interviews can be easily accessed on the new site.

Ads can be posted on the page, Carty and G Money highlighted, with advertisers offered different banner options.

Those interested in the website can look it up at


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