Notorious inmates at war

POSTED: 09/15/14 11:46 PM

Hitman Carlos Richardson in intensive care

St. Maarten – The unrest in the Pointe Blanche prison of last Thursday seems to revolve around a power struggle between inmates with long sentences to their name. The trouble started reportedly on Thursday when Carlos Richardson made an attempt on the life of Urvin Laurence Wawoe – two names with a distinct history.

Richardson is serving close to 30 years for two murders, one attempted murder and one case of attempted manslaughter. As the hitman of the criminal organization led by Omar Jones, Richardson attempted to kill Omax Bye on April 20, 2011 in Dutch Quarter. His gang leader Jones suspected Bye of having killed his brother Amador four days earlier. Kennedy Fergus was hit by bullets on that occasion and that led to a conviction for attempted manslaughter. The court furthermore sentenced Richardson for the murders of Miguel Arrindell (on May 25, 2011) and his brother Rodolfo (on July 7, 2011). The court acquitted Richardson in December of last year of the murders of Eric Lake and Kevin Gumbs on August 17 of the same year, but it did sentence him for membership of a criminal organization.

Urvin Nuto Wawoe is another story altogether. The Antilliaans Dagblad described him as the leader of the notorious Koraal Specht gang No Limit Soldiers, a criminal organization that was deeply involved in the assassination of Pueblo Soberano leader Helmin Wiels in May of last year.

Wawoe, nicknamed Nuto is serving an 8-year prison sentence in St. Maarten for cocaine possession, firearm possession, money laundering and membership of a criminal organization. On September 17, 2013 Wawoe, who once made a name for himself as a rapper, was caught in the Keys in the company of three others. A passing police patrol smelled a strong marijuana scent, decided to control the car and the rest is history.

The officers found 3.8 kilos of cocaine, more than $25,000 in cash, marijuana and two firearms. Nuto’s smart phone contained pictures of a semi-automatic firearm, two pistols and several cartridge holders and a message saying, “just bought this set.”

Wawoe was sentenced in 2004 for armed robbery in the Netherlands to 18 months imprisonment. Three years later the court in Curacao sentenced him to 3 years for complicity to theft and firearm possession; in 2011 followed an 8-month sentence in St. Maarten for firearm possession.

Exactly why Richardson made an apparent attempt on the life of Wawoe is unclear, but the situation makes clear that the current population of the Pointe Blanche prison is a powder keg ready to ignite any moment again.

According a report in Antilliaans Dagblad, Carlos Richardson was in the possession of a firearm on Thursday by the apparently did not get the opportunity to use it. Instead, Wawoe attacked him with an improvised machete and injured him so badly that he had to be taken to the intensive care unit at the St. Maarten Medical Center.

Yesterday afternoon Richardson was still in intensive care.

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