Notary’s Rottweilers kill neighbor’s dog

POSTED: 11/19/14 9:27 AM

St. Maarten – Three Rottweilers killed a dog in Cul de Sac yesterday morning to the despair of its owner, Paula Diasz. The distraught owner posted a picture of her dog on Facebook: “Our Freddie, the loveliest sweetest dog ever, has been attacked this morning by three of our neighbor’s Rottweiler dogs. This is the third attack with two fatal endings.” Diasz wrote.

She identified the owners as notary Steeman and his wife Say Steeman-Yau, whom she described as “a politician with mottos like “stop animal cruelty” and “quiet neighborhood.”

Steeman-Yau was a candidate for the National Alliance in the elections last August, winning just 16 votes.

“They could not care less because they do not lock up their vicious, murderous dogs and therefore terrorize the neighborhood already for years,” Diasz wrote. “We cannot put charges against them because St. Maarten does not have a law that provides in these situations. We wouldn’t want this to happen to anybody. Next time they grab a human being.”

Diasz received a supportive message from Michael Kuiperi, the former owner of Checkmate Security. “This will not be the end. These dogs have attacked other dogs multiple times before. Not too long ago they entered a neighbor’s yard and killed their German shepherd. Reports were made, the police visited the location but no action.”

Kuiperi pointed out that Aruba just passed a law that dogs are not allowed on the streets there unless they are on a leash. “A similar law must be passed in St. Maarten. This is just careless and the owners must be held fully accountable, including facing jail terms.”

Another visitor to Facebook, Andrea Bartlett, also spoke out in support of Diasz. “This is insane. I guess they will wait until an innocent child is hurt. I already heard about these killer dogs. What an irresponsible dog owners. Please file a police report. Eventually something will have to happen.”

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