No Spanish interpreter: robbery-trial postponed

POSTED: 05/22/12 11:58 AM

GREAT BAY – Because the court failed to provide a Spanish interpreter, the Court in First Instance was forced last week to postpone the trial against three men who are suspected of an armed robbery on March 2. The trial is now rescheduled for June 27.
The three suspects stormed into the home of Today’s master printer Kurt Joseph on March 2, after one of them had asked the victim to open the door. The robbers threw their victim on the ground, hit him with a firearm on his head and stole four cell phones, $3,600 in cash, a laptop and a gold ring.

The suspects are Christofer U. (21), Marvin L. 29), and Fantonell Lorenzo B. (35).
Christofer U. is the only suspect who cooperated with investigators, prosecutor mr. Manon Ridderbeks said. The other two deny their involvement in the robbery.
mr. Geert Hatzmann, the attorney for U. was not amused with the postponement. “I have been waiting already for an hour for this trial to start, and now it has to be postponed. It is not the first time that cases take longer than scheduled, and now there is no interpreter for my client. My time is valuable. For God’s sake, prepare this better next time,” he said.

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