No smoking and drinking for bus and taxi drivers

POSTED: 06/15/16 7:14 PM

St. Maarten News – Be dressed properly at all times, don’t treat passengers rudely, don’t drink or have alcohol in your possession and don’t have a cigarette, cigar or pipe in your mouth while driving. Those are just four of the rules that apply to the drivers of taxis, buses and tour buses. The rules are based on a national decree that went into effect in 2013.

The decree furthermore forbids drivers to use “annoying means” to attract the attention of potential passengers. Drivers are not allowed to transport more passengers than their permit allows, and they are (obviously) forbidden to be drunk on the job.

Cabs and buses must be in good condition. They must be “technically well-maintained and sanitary,” and cannot have defective seats. All windows must be made of safety glass and the vehicles must carry a spare tire in good condition plus the tools necessary to change a wheel.

Taxi dispatchers are tasked with the fair distribution of taxi fares at official taxi stands.
Taxi drivers who violate the national ordinance on public transportation or who fail to follow the instructions of the taxi dispatcher are subject to sanctions, the ministry of tourism, economic affairs, transport and telecommunication said in a press statement.

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