No policy to cover stolen property

POSTED: 02/27/14 12:55 PM

St. Maarten – The government does not have a policy in place that regulates compensation for lost or stolen property from civil servants on business trips. This newspaper asked Prime Minister Wescot-Williams at yesterday’s press briefing whether the government would compensate such losses. The airport paid in 2011 nearly $8,000 to the chairman of its supervisory board for a briefcase containing $3,000 in cash and other valuables that were stolen at an airport in Berlin, Germany.

“We have no specific policy for such cases,” Wescot-Williams said. “We look at it on a case by case basis.”

The supreme court has ruled that employers are not responsible for property that is stolen from employees on business trips, especially when the theft or the loss is due to negligence on the side of the employee.

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