No more parking along airport fence

POSTED: 02/20/13 12:45 PM

St. Maarten – No vehicles will be allowed to park anymore alongside the SXM Airport’s fence, according to a decree issued by Justice Minister Roland Duncan. The decree is in keeping with the international aviation safety requirement established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (Icao), in its standards and recommended practices document.

On Monday, contractor MNO started to remove the existing guardrails; new ones will be installed at 1.5 meters from the road. The contractors will continue preparations for the installation of the new guardrails, which are expected at the end of the month. The entire work is scheduled for completion by mid-March.

MNO has already begun digging holes for the guardrail poles to check if there are any cables or pipes underneath. The Icao requirement prescribes that security fence lines should be kept clear of all obstruction such as electric poles, trees, stowed equipment and materials, and vehicles.

The Princess Juliana International Airport operating company (PJIAE) asked Justice Minister Duncan to issue a ministerial decree to enable it to comply with this international security measure,

The airport has also asked the Ministry of Vromi (Public Housing, Urban Planning, environment and Infrastructure) to place traffic signs to inform the public about the parking prohibition. This is a requirement before the ministerial decree can go into effect.

“Vromi has ordered the traffic signs and these will soon go up at strategic points along the airport road,” confirmed Robert Brown, PJIAE’s coordinator of special projects.

Brown said that the guardrails will be erected over an approximate length of 900 meter on the eastern side of the airport road to further discourage parking along the fence. He said the contractor will be using the Blue Martini location to park their containers and equipment for the project period and possibly also in front of the Al Wathey apartments.

All car rental companies will receive a letter informing them about the work, and offering a contact person for any questions. About 50 cars, mainly belonging to car rental companies, are usually parked along the airport fence. “We have space for car rental parking at a fee,” Brown said. Vehicles violating the no parking order will be towed away at the owners’ expense.


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