No legal action yet against bogus BTA-employers

POSTED: 09/20/11 12:11 PM

St. Maarten – Last month Justice Minister Roland Duncan announced legal action against companies that had acted as bogus employers for applicants for a Brooks Tower Accord permit extension. An investigation by the so-called BTA-committee showed that 1,610 applicants had filled in the name of a bogus employer on their application.
These companies are, according to Minister Duncan, small offices with hardly any economic activity. They attracted the attention of the BTA-committee because their name appeared frequently. The Ministry knows the identity of the bogus employers.
Duncan said in August that the bogus employers are facing a maximum fine of around $55,000. The minister intends to adjust the ordinance for admission and expulsion in such a way that these violations become punishable by an administrative fee.
Chief Prosecutor Mr. Hans Mos said yesterday that he is aware of the bogus employers but that he had not been officially informed about it. “I have not seen the results of the vetting process,. We want to deal with this situation but we have not received any information about it so far.”
On September 2, Minister Duncan issued a warning to applicants who had registered with a bogus employer. He gave them three weeks to come forward with their real employer or face deportation. The three week period expires this Friday.
People who are registered with a bogus employer and who do not come in to correct thre situation, face prosecution and deportation, the BTA-committee said in the beginning of this month in a press statement.
Minister Duncan however, said on Sunday on Soualiga radio that he does not favor deportation.

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No legal action yet against bogus BTA-employers by

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