No extension to pay motor vehicle tax Inspections start after regatta

POSTED: 03/4/15 12:27 PM

St. Maarten —There will be no extension this year to the deadline to pay motor vehicle taxes, Minister of Finance Martin Hassink confirmed on Monday. According to the finance minister, no extension is warranted because the provision of license plates and all related aspects were on schedule this year. The Heineken Regatta is scheduled to be held locally this weekend and according to the minister police controls will begin after this.

The deadline to pay motor vehicle tax as stipulated in the law was February 28, however it is noticeable that there are still a large number of vehicles on the road with the old license plates. The Receivers Office has been filled to capacity for weeks with persons paying their number plates but some persons haven’t done so, and the long waiting period at the Receivers Office is viewed by many as a contributing factor to this.

In many cases persons must return to work and can’t spend the time necessary to complete the transaction. “Now that the deadline has passed, the Tax Administration will inform the Police Department and a date will be set for motor vehicle controls. This will most likely happen sometime after the Heineken Regatta. Persons who failed to pay their 2015 motor vehicle tax by February 28, 2015, could lose the right to their numbers,” Minister Hassink explained.

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No extension to pay motor vehicle tax Inspections start after regatta by

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