No criminal investigation against ministers Jamaloodin and El Hakim

POSTED: 10/10/11 11:32 AM

WILLEMSTAD – The Public Prosecutor’s Office in Curacao has decided not to prosecute Finance Minister George Jamaloodin and Economic Development Minister Abdul Nasser El Hakim. The fact finding mission by the national detective agency (landsrecherche) did not turn up anything that would justify a criminal investigation, Prosecutor Guillano Schoop said.
Both Ministers received a letter from the prosecutor’s office on Friday telling them that there will be no criminal investigation against them. The fact finding mission started in May after serious accusations expressed by Central Bank President Emsley Tromp about the integrity of the ministers and the Schotte-cabinet. A day after he voiced his accusations, Tromp filed a complaint for corruption on May 26.
According to Tromp, Jamaloodin was forcing Girobank to execute money transports with his security company Speedy Security. El Hakim demanded a piece of land from developer Blue Bay in exchange for a tax holiday, Tromp charged, and Prime Minister Schotte was allegedly paying bills with checks from the gas station chain Vanddis.
Schotte already received two months ago a message that nothing suspicious has been discovered. El Hakim is the first minister to react publicly to the accusation. He told Amigoe: “I have always had confidence in our judicial system. That is why I have never spoken about this complaint. For those who had their doubts this is a good example of how our democratic institutions function. All the false assumptions about the integrity of our decision makers, who were only doing their work, have not borne fruit. With this negativism they make an attempt to stop our country’s development. This smoke curtain prevents us from lifting Curacao to the level of an autonomous and sovereign economy.”
The prosecutor’s office also sent a letter to plaintiff Emsley Tromp to inform him about its decision. Tromp could still object to it, Prosecutor Schoop admitted. “That possibility exists. If new facts come to the light that we were not aware off, the Public Prosecutor’s Office could still decide to start a criminal investigation.”
The row between the government and the Central Bank led to the establishment of the Rosenmöller Committee that was charged with investigating the confidence-crisis. In its report, Do It Yourself, the Committee reports about possible integrity violations by members of the Schotte-cabinet. Rosenmöller advised the Kingdom Council of Ministers to establish a Committee of Wise Men to thoroughly investigate the integrity-issue.
The recommendations in the Rosenmöller report and the findings of the Public Prosecutor’s Office are not related.

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No criminal investigation against ministers Jamaloodin and El Hakim by

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