No contract signed yet with Transparency International

POSTED: 10/9/13 12:25 PM

GREAT BAY – The government of St. Maarten still has not signed a contract with global corruption watchdog Transparency International for the execution of a National Integrity System assessment. Answering questions from this newspaper, TI-spokeswoman Natalie Baharav stated that “a proposed final contrast has still to be formally signed off by the Sint Maarten government, so we cannot yet definitely confirm that the assessment will happen.”

Because there is no formal contract yet, Transparency International is not able to say when (and if) the project will start, or give an estimate of the completion date.

“We would usually expect the National Integrity System report to be delivered within a year from the date of signing the contract,” Baharav stated. “We will of course announce the agreement and expected timeline publicly should the assessment go ahead.”

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No contract signed yet with Transparency International by

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