No celebration: robber sentenced to 48 months

POSTED: 10/11/12 3:30 PM

GREAT BAY – There was little reason to celebrate for Gleivon Daniel Colastica in the Court in First Instance yesterday. On his 23rd birthday, September 19, the prosecution demanded 5 years imprisonment against him for two robberies and yesterday Judge mr. Tamara Tijhuis pronounced her verdict: 48 months, of which 12 months are suspended, and 2 years of probation.

The defendant was found guilty of a robbery that took place on March 18 of last year near the Le Petit Chateau brothel on Pond Island. Together with Hector Bienvenido C. the defendant robbed J.A. Sauceda Ortiz, a crew member on a cruise ship, that day of $1,200 and a gold chain.

On April 4 of this year Colastica robbed a man of his gold necklace near the office of Sheriff Security on Coralita Road.

The sentence was slightly below the prosecution’s demand, because the court found no proof that the defendant had a firearm in his possession during the 2011 robbery, even though the victim told police that he had been threatened with a gun.

The victim of the 2011 robbery did not recognize Colastica as the man who had robbed him during a so-called Oslo-confrontation (a line-up of the defendant with several others). But the court found enough other evidence to conclude that the defendant had committed the robbery.

But in the fact that there was initially no report about the Oslo-confrontation in the file gave Judge Tijhuis reason to lower the sentence with 6 months.

The court dismissed the defense argument that the stolen money nor the necklace nor the gun was found in the defendant’s possession. Judge Tijhuis ruled that Colastica had had enough time to get rid of all these items before he was arrested


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