NIPA students may continue at US university

POSTED: 11/24/14 7:57 PM

St. Maarten – Through a partnership between the island of St. Maarten and Florida A&M University (FAMU) in Tallahassee, Florida, students of the National Institute for Professional Advancement (NIPA) have the opportunity to continue their educational careers at the Tallahassee-based university. On November 14, FAMU’s Associate Vice President of Divisions of Student Affairs Nigel Edwards gave a presentation to NIPA students about the possibilities and degrees offered at the university. Once they have successfully completed their studies at NIPA, students have the option of pursuing degrees, ranging from Associate’s degrees to PhDs, at FAMU depending on their program of choice. The university’s School of Agriculture, School of Education, College of Sciences Arts and Technology, and School of Allied Health offer students a multitude of programs to chose from.

The partnership was formed in 1999 to promote activities and exchanges that would increase international trade, economic growth, community development, and promote cultural and educational opportunities for St. Maarten’s young people.

In the wake of this partnership, Links, Inc. (also known as Links), a non-profit organization, was formed to help students from St. Maarten in their transition into the Tallahassee community. Another unique service offered to St. Maarten Students studying at FAMU is the Moms Away From Home program, which is a support system for these students. The “moms” act as mother figures, going as far as providing round-the-clock medical assistance, free of charge, in the event that a St. Maarten student should fall ill.  NIPA students were excited to know that they had these opportunities offered to them after they complete their studies at the National Institute for Professional Advancement.





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