Niaca fest honors artists of three generations

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niaca fest 2015webDancers perform at the 2014 Niaca fest. Photo contributed

St. Maarten – The National Institute of arts hosts the third annual Niaca festival this Saturday at the John Larmonie Center. The highlight of the evening will be an award ceremony that honors local artists of three generations.

“The show begins at 7 p.m. It celebrates “both our traditional cultural heritage, as well as the contemporary art works created by the artists of now,” the institute writes in a press release.

The institute chose October 10 for its festival: “The transition to country status is the appropriate occasion to celebrate all things of St. Maarten. Our past, our present, and visions of our future. We see this as a time to honor the creative works of those who have paved the way so that Nia could be here today.”

The festival will present the Griot, Vanguard and Young emerging Artist awards.

The Griot award goes to seniors, the Vanguard award to the contemporary generation and the third award goes to those who are currently embarking on their artistic path.

“The artists that we honor are a treasure trove of information and have created a library of work that helps telling Sweet S’Maatin Story,” the institute says.

In 2014 the Griot award was bestowed on Harold Jack, Cynric Griffith, Evelyn Roberts and Ann Meyers; the Vanguard awards went to musician and band leader Jules Carty and to dancer Cynthia Roberts. The emerging artist award was for Akeem Adams, a visual artist and fashion designer and for vocalist Chantal Richardson.

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