New St. Maarten taxi board seeks deeper relationships, plans to raise service level

POSTED: 04/17/11 9:20 PM

St. Maarten – The new board of Genesis Taxi Association plans to improve service, lobby government on key issues and wants to deepen its relationship with the island’s other taxi associations. The trio was elected at a meeting on April 8 that was attended by 12 of the organization’s 14 members.

The new board, which will serve for two years, is led by Nathaniel Wyatt – President -, and also includes Secretary Patrick Brathwaite and Treasurer Julien Laurent. They replace the founding board, which consisted of Terrence Frederick (President), Miro Augusty (Secretary) and Lorna Nelson (Treasurer).

“We intend to use the work of the founding board as the foundation for taking the organization to a higher level and we have asked for their continued cooperation,” Wyatt said.

The new board has established that their key goals are improving service to local and international clients, by becoming more efficient and effective and marketing more vigorously. One of the most important elements of the plan is improving response time between when a call is made and the pickup. The association maintains a 24/7 hotline – 5420220 or 9221 – which people can call 24/7.

Next to the pickups from particularly the airport the Association also offers shopping and group tours, transportation for weddings, birthdays and nights out and special services to VIPs. Plans are also being worked for the association to run a water taxi service. The latter initiative is still in the early stages.

Next to the across the board issue of gypsies, the organization is also concerned about the closure of Front Street when there are more than three or more cruise ships at the Dr. A.C. Wathey Cruise and Cargo facilities.

“This situation does not allow us to deliver the best service,” Wyatt said.

The new board is also pressing for the Transportation Committee, a body that brings government and transportation entities together, to begin functioning again and for them to be allowed in.

“We want to be able to ensure that the voice of the people who are running the road is heard and we want to help with eliminating the gypsies. We also want to work with the other taxi associations on the island so the tourists and the locals – many of whom use our services – get the best service that can be offered,” Wyatt said.

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