New opportunities for students studying culinary arts

POSTED: 12/15/14 10:20 PM

St. Maarten—Several work skills in the labor market has become redundant because of the technology that is being applied by business owners in the work place, according to president of the Workers Institute of Organized Labor Theophilus Thompson. He pointed out at the bi-weekly press conference that was held by the Windward Islands Chamber of Labor Unions that because of the technology there will no longer be bartenders and waiters/ waitresses but they will come under the new title of “servers.”

Thompson, who recently returned to the island after attending an International Labor Organization conference in the twin Island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, said that the meeting was between the social partners and the regional affiliate. He explained that because of their training arm Caribbean Institute For Social Education Foundation (CISEF) they were invited to participate in the workshop that was held by the ILO.

During their stay in Trinidad they were able to establish relationships with a similar institution in the region which is a culinary institute in the Dominican Republic, as well as with the Barbados Workers College.  “The relationship between the Culinary Institute in the Dominican Republic and CISEF is very important for us in St. Maarten because of the technology and the changes in the job skills and occupation, we have developed a new program and whole syllabus on what is now called servers,” said Thompson.

He explained that in the past persons applied for a job as a waiter or bartender but that no longer exists in the industry. He said the new trend is that the waiter and the bartender are now being trained to do the job as a waiter and bartender and must be able to handle the cash and financial administration as a server.

With the affiliation between the Culinary Institution of the Dominican Republic, students who are interested in the Culinary Arts could be sent there for short training courses. He said that these courses are certified in a recognized institution which is affiliated to the World Chef Institution that is recognized worldwide.

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