New majority votes Asjes out

POSTED: 09/11/12 12:27 PM

Curacao — A majority in parliament called a public meeting last night at eight in the former Central Bank building to vote out current parliament President Ivar Asjes and Vise-President Amerigo Thode. Shortly after nine o’clock last night, 11 MPs voted to unseat Asjes and Thode. They elected independent MP Dean Rozier as the new president of parliament, and Anthony Godett as vice president.
The 11 members consist of the PAR, PNP, FOL and independent MP Eugene Cleopa (ex-MAN). Dean Rozier (ex-MFK) was off island. Political analysts called it a constitutional crisis.
The parliament building was supposed to be the stage for the closing of the parliamentary year yesterday morning, but only 5 members attended. Opposition members are in conflict with President Asjes who last month announced he would no longer call public meetings (actually called by opposition to unseat him). So far, he has called central commission meetings, where no decisions can be taken, according to opposition members. The only public meeting he called since he indefinitely called off public meetings was on Monday and Tuesday to close and open a new parliament year. Sources reveal the potential new parliament president and vice-president are respectively, Dean Rozier and Anthony Godett (FOL).
Asjes said he has a back-up plan if the majority of parliament is not present today.

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