New iStore raises eye brows

POSTED: 07/24/11 1:20 PM

St. Maarten– A new store on Front Street that has Apple’s trademark fruit symbol over its doors has prompted questions over whether they are licensed retailers of the company’s products. The questions are spurred by news reports of four fake Apple Stores that were uncovered in China.

The store in Philipsburg does not portray itself as an actual Apple Store. The company’s fruit symbol is out front though above the words iStore and the shelves are lined with Apple products.

“That because we’re not an Apple store, we’re a retailer of the company’s products and so we call ourselves iStore,” staffers told this newspaper.

When asked to provide their retailing certificate, which was not on display, staffers said they’d never received one and that if they did that kind of documentation would be in the hands of the manager. She was not available that day, having just left the store.

There’s also no record of the Front Street store on Apple’s website which comprehensively lists all its stores, retailers, service providers etc. The current four listed service providers here are Boolchands, – Ipod only – Klass Electronics, – Ipod Only – Klass Express – Ipod Only and Virtual Technolgy, which is a service provider that handles repairs. Asked about that staffers said they’ve been informed that the store should be listed on the website within three weeks.

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  1. Latoyah says:

    I’m from overseas and have been wanting to visit St.Maarten for a while, I find that it’s a beautiful island. I also wanted to purchase an iphone 5s while I’m there for it will be much cheaper for me. I really thought however, that the ‘istore’ would be have been the best place to purchase such an item, seeing that they proclaim that they are retailers of apple products. I see now that I would be running myself into a risk if I purchase from them and will now refrain from buying there products. I’ve read that the company will be informed that the store should be listed on the apple website within three weeks. But, I can not count on that for that too may just be words of comfort for those who wish to acknowledge what was said. I want to express thanks towards posting the truth for I believe it would be a great awakening to its intended audience.