New elections for Middle Region and Defiance

POSTED: 11/8/12 1:23 PM

St. Maarten – Tonight the Middle Region and Defiance Community Council will elect a new board. This will take place at the Sister Marie Laurence School from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m. in the first class room from the entrance of the school.

Voters must be eighteen-years or older and have to be a resident of Middle Region or Defiance in order to vote. Each voter must be able to present picture identification and proof of his/her residency in one of these districts. This proof of residency can be a utility bill or some other legal document with your name and address on it.


The members of the election committee Chairman Jeffrey Richardson and two members of the board Myrna Lynch and Cleophus Richardson are all non-residents of Middle Region & Defiance, but were approached for their neutrality.

This committee was responsible to review the credentials of all those persons vying for a position on the board for the period 2013/2014.


The following person’s credentials were reviewed and approved for the election and they are as mentioned in alphabetical order.

For President: Angelica Chittick, Randy Martin and Rick Ward.

For Vice President: Oscar R. Lucas

For Secretary: Rosalind Chittick

For Treasurer: Rosalind Chittick

For Board members: Bannis C. Sebastien, Wilma LaRocque, Oscar R. Lucas and Randy Martin. Please note that it is possible to vote for two persons on the ballot.


“We have taken into consideration that there are many young persons in particular and others who do not have proof of their address if they live with their parents or guardians, however we are appealing to them to get some type of proof from their house hold or land lord stating that they are residing at that address, says Lenny Priest.

“At the end of the day we want all the residents of Middle Region & Defiance to come out and vote and give the new board a massive mandate to continue to work for you.” He continues.



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