New drivers license available mid-February

POSTED: 01/23/12 8:08 PM

A rough estimation of what the front of the new driver’s licenses will look like when the Civil Registry begins issuing them in the middle of February. 


St. Maarten – The Civil Registry should begin issuing the new version of the driver’s licenses in the middle of February. A formal date has not been set as yet but the department has confirmed it is getting ready to comply with the national decree that was published on January 4, 2012.

People who have valid licenses will not be immediately affected by the change. Article two of the decree gives them until January 1, 2013 to switch to the new license, which is issued by the Minister of Justice. One of the principle reasons that this new decree is necessary is because the Lt. Governor – which was the issuing authority for driver’s licenses – no longer exists and the task had to be designated to the Minister of Justice.

The driver’s licenses, which maintain their pink color, have been made based on specifications developed by the International Standards Organization and the American National Standards Institute. The chosen font on the cards is Cambria Bold and it also has a picture of the national bird – Pelicanus Occidentalis –on the front.

The front of each card will carry the bearer’s name, birth date, place of birth, the issue date, the expiry date, the category of license, the person’s I.D. number, the place where the license was issued, the license number, the person’s signature and the words: “Issued on behalf of the Minister of Justice/Afgegeven names de Minister van Justitie.”

The back of the card will have Guilloche Print fine line structure with a curved line with Sint Maarten in it, a nine letter number, the license number, the I.D. number, the category of the license, information on the category with the issue and expiry date and a bar code.

The new driver’s license and the new identification cards were created for the government by 3M-IPC. The entire process to introduce both of these identification documents is roughly NAfls 1, 388, 930.40 or $771, 628. The fees will be paid over a two year period using proceeds from the sale of stamps.

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