New book on righteousness launches October 21

POSTED: 10/7/11 2:14 PM

St. Maarten – Righteousness is the title of the latest book to be published by an author living in St. Maarten. Cecilia Xavier, who is originally from the Commonwealth of Dominica and will launch the book on October 21, 2011 at Carl’s Unique Inn and Conference Center, says the book is about living right and was written from her heart.
This latest book is heavy on Christian principles and is written for “every man to understand.” It combines Xavier’s life experiences with stories from the Bible and allows readers to float between the various chapters in any order, instead of reading cover to cover.
“This book is meant to show our lives are not ours and we have a choice to make. As soon as I began the words came. This book is very practical and it is written for lay people with a prayer at the end of each chapter. It also shows that each of us has a connection with God, and it is really meant for all audiences,” Xavier said.
The chapters on uniqueness and raising righteous children are two key parts of the book as uniqueness sparked her curiosity and the matter of raising children is one of the topics most explored in the book.
“We are where we are now because parents have compromised. Your children are important to God. They will have to eventually make the choice on their own eventually, whether to make that connection with God and have a relationship with him, but if they are grounded they have a more solid foundation,” Xavier said.
The book took four minutes to finish. Xavier started writing it in September 2010 and was finished by the end of September of the same year. She then went searching for a publisher. She’d find a willing partner. Not only did they publish the work, the website has a space where people can buy the book. Orders can also be made at

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